2022 IDC Europe InfoBrief: How to be a Digital Leader in 2022

Together with AWS, we commissioned a survey of IT decision makers across Europe.

IDC identified a small segment of enterprises – Digital Leaders – who are successfully leveraging the cloud to thrive in times of uncertainty.

While the Digital Leaders are not immune to challenges faced by European organizations – cloud skills, cloud security, cloud governance – they have specific traits that make them stand out from their peers.

In this IDC InfoBrief, you’ll get insight into:

  • the traits of Digital Leaders
  • why you need to be a Digital Leader
  • the main challenges facing them in Europe
  • what digital leaders do differently or better than their peers

Last year’s InfoBrief spoke to how the COVID-19 pandemic influenced organizations’ outlook and approach to cloud and digital transformation.

This year’s InfoBrief outlines how European enterprises are building their digital muscle to get the most from their cloud and transformations:

  • 69% of Digital Leaders in Europe run 26% or more of their applications on a cloud-native infrastructure
  • 85% of Digital Leaders are going through a large-scale business transformation.
  • A little over 1 in 3 Digital Leaders say adopting edge is a top 3 priority
  • 85% of respondents in North America see the cloud as the biggest driver of sustainability strategy today
  • 72% of North American respondents are experiencing a cloud skills gap within their organizations
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This InfoBrief explores how Digital Leaders in Europe – enterprises that thrive in the cloud – are building their digital muscle to get the most from their cloud and transformations.