Managing your Cloud Costs

Moving to the public cloud isn’t just about getting ahead – it’s about staying ahead. And that means continuously improving every aspect of your operations. One of the most important aspects of this is managing cloud costs.

This paper will:

  • Introduce some of the key spend levers available that can be manipulated to help stay on top of cloud costs
  • Provide guidance for financial optimization in the cloud
  • Outline best practices for financial governance
Optimize Cloud Spend

The paper is primarily designed to inform, educate, and motivate key functions related to Finance, Accounting, and Procurement in understanding the nuances and idiosyncrasies of Cloud Economics.

It is also designed to help bridge these key principles for IT, Engineering, and Application Development teams.

Key takeaways include:

  1. Understand the cost of cloud waste
  2. Focus on governance
  3. Embrace FinOps
  4. The goal is to enable innovation, not restrict it

Having trouble managing your cloud costs? Read our brief guide to cost optimization and financial governance in the cloud.