Are you under pressure to deliver more value from technology? Thinking about replatforming your applications or developing new cloud-native apps? Looking to experiment with cloud-native services and demonstrate proof-of-value for modernization – without long, tedious planning cycles and a high price tag?

Cloudreach’s Kubernetes Launchpad is designed to help your enterprise experience the benefits of cloud-native application development by rapidly deploying a ready-to-manage DevOps platform and modernizing an application – complete with upskilling resources to springboard additional modernization cycles. This high-impact software and services package lets you explore, experiment with and effectively adopt cloud-native services to unlock innovation within your business – and offers favorable access to funding programs from cloud service providers Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure.

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Our pre-built Kubernetes platform templates for AWS, GCP and Azure help you cut through planning cycles and reduce cloud-native application delivery times from months to just weeks.

Hands-on experience and upskilling prepares you for day-2 management of the DevOps platform and containerized applications.

Kubernetes Launchpad uses cloud service providers’ best practices, including built in security concepts and preferred CI tooling – so it’s production-grade before your first workload goes live.

A ready-to-manage DevOps platform and pilot containerized application enables you to continue along your modernization journey.

Our Approach

We partner with AWS, GCP and Microsoft Azure to provide hands-on practical experience using Kubernetes to build and deploy containers.

After assessing your container readiness, we outline adoption considerations and provide a high-level ROI and next steps for replatforming.

We architect, deploy and configure a best practices Kubernetes cluster, containerize and deploy your proof-of-concept application and configure existing CI/CD tools to support the platform and application.

We provide guidance and documentation for cluster deployment and maintenance to enable your ongoing modernization efforts.

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Cloudreach Kubernetes LaunchPad for GKE
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Cloudreach Earns Kubernetes On Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization
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What are Custom Resource Definitions
How to deploy an application using the azure kubernetes service
Component Architecture
Core Resources and Default Controllers
luster Interaction And Advanced Deployments
What are Custom Resource Definitions_

Kubernetes Launchpad delivers rapid modernization proof-of-value

Develop new cloud-native apps or modernize existing ones with our pre-built Kubernetes accelerator

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