As your enterprise seeks ways to maximize business value from technology, you may be hampered by complicated legacy applications, monolithic architectures that don’t allow apps to scale, high licensing costs and inadequate security practices. You need to modernize your software assets to leverage the cloud, but where to begin with your cloud migration – and how? 

Cloudreach’s Application Strategy Workshop is an ideal starting point. This four-week engagement, a team effort led by a Cloud Software Architect, is a series of onsite and remote sessions designed to uncover business and technical challenges and understand the requirements of all of your stakeholders – including application owners, users and infrastructure, security and compliance teams. To inspire radical innovation, a SkunkWorks project can also be included in the workshop. As a result, we deliver modernization recommendations, a business case and an executive briefing to equip your organization with both an actionable roadmap and backlog to gain new efficiencies and competitive advantage.

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Leverage services from cloud providers and new technologies to build applications that deliver more value to your business.

Identify security, data governance, operational, technical and human risks as part of your applications and mitigate them in the cloud.

Focus your time and resources on delivering new features and functionality to the business rather than managing complex applications.

Our Approach

We uncover your business goals, success drivers and pain points, evaluate your current landscape and architecture and identify high priority business use cases.

We develop and present a recommendation blueprint along with an actionable implementation plan, strategic vision, vendor-agnostic guidance and a comprehensive proposal.

We gather your feedback, highlight anticipated outcomes and identify next steps to help you along your modernization journey.

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