What does it mean to be cloud-ready? It means overcoming challenges like lack of strategic alignment and operational readiness. It means learning how to build actionable roadmaps and adopt governance frameworks. It means understanding how to handle cultural and operating model changes. And knowing how to prevent cost inefficiencies with the adoption of the cloud.

Our Cloud Adoption Workshop is a deep strategic engagement to help your organization accelerate cloud adoption with a comprehensive methodology that transforms skills, processes and culture to a cloud-ready state.

Cloud Adoption Workshop


By aligning cloud strategy with business goals.

With an agile culture and scalable cloud transformation.

By implementing robust cloud governance policies and best practices.

With advanced cloud capabilities.

Our Approach

We undertake a review of current state, define success in the cloud, understand the impact of the cloud and conduct data and analytics use-case ideation.

At this stage, we provide a modernized cloud operating model, create a roadmap for change and design frameworks for cloud governance and cloud competency.

We implement the cloud operating model foundations, cloud governance, a cloud education program and scale cloud education and enablement.

Finally, we implement financial governance, optimize cloud costs, implement infrastructure reliability and perform continuous improvement.

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