So many options to choose from. So many decisions to make. While the cloud promises to deliver a foundation for new levels of innovation, agility and growth, it’s no wonder organizations are often overwhelmed before they even begin their cloud migration.

Cloudreach’s Transformation Primer is a two-day, high-level engagement designed to help you – whether your organization is a new adopter or stalled in your cloud journey – think about your transformation strategy, accurately plot a course forward, and understand the full capabilities of the cloud.

C-level executives inside and outside IT benefit from the Transformation Primer because we don’t just discuss the cloud – we also cover the broader organizational transformation associated with it and support discussions around some of the key challenges typically experienced around business strategy. 

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We provide guidance to help you clarify the possible cloud transformation paths based on your strategic drivers, objectives and challenges.

We support you in your strategic decision-making and help you make sense of the unique offerings, cost and benefit structures of each Cloud Service Provider.

We help you gain a high-level view of organizational changes associated with business transformation in the cloud and understand how to manage them.

We provide you with an executive summary which includes recommendations and best next steps specific to your challenges and priorities.

Our Approach

We discuss your business priorities, adoption drivers and challenges in order to tailor the follow-on workshops to meet your requirements.

This is an intensive strategic workshop in which we explore your current business issues, workload types, existing cloud use and costs – and ultimately uncover what you expect to achieve with the cloud.

In this session, we outline and plan changes to existing IT people, processes and tools that support your upcoming journey to the cloud, including a high-level workload analysis, managing the cloud footprint, impact on your current organization and definition of success.

Based on workshop outcomes and an analysis of your current IT estate, we provide a summary report of our findings and recommendations to inform the next step of your cloud journey, such as a Cloud Operating Model Roadmap.

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Align your cloud strategy to your business needs

Our cloud consulting and advisory team will align your cloud adoption strategy to the business objectives and overcome any challenges to reap the benefits. 

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