Enterprise data is critically important, yet many organizations are unable to realize its full potential. Legacy platforms, siloed datasets and exponential growth in both volume and variety make it increasingly difficult to perform flexible data discovery, keep costs under control and implement a solid governance framework.

Cloudreach’s Data Lake service allows your organization to drive more value from your data by empowering business users with new business intelligence and analytics capabilities. By developing the key competencies of data ingestion, storage, processing and analysis, and governance, exploration and visualization, your organization can rapidly realize cost savings, operational resilience and business agility. Leverage our cloud-native, cloud-agnostic approach and deep cloud expertise to initiate or enhance your data lake strategy.

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Scalable data lake architecture allows you to ingest and process large volumes and formats of data from a variety of sources.

Reduce security and compliance complexities while enabling collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.

Empower your data scientists and engineers with the right platform and tools to deliver insights and value from your data.

Replace data silos with a centralized repository to achieve cost savings, improved productivity and business agility.

Our Approach

We conduct a workshop with your data owners, data scientists and security teams to gather functional and non-functional requirements, create a minimum viable product high-level design and total cost of ownership.

We perform an automated deployment of the data lake, enable data import, create ingestion workflows, onboard initial datasets and connect to business intelligence platforms.

To identify initial value-add use-cases, we conduct an exploratory session with your data scientists and analysts, provide a summary report and discuss next steps.

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