Data is at the core of every enterprise, yet many have not yet modernized the way in which data is stored, supported and analyzed. Traditional databases and data warehouses are costly, inefficient and not easily scalable. Data is often siloed, and unstructured and new data formats are not supported – making it difficult to analyze and extract actionable information. 

Cloudreach can help your organization move away from slow, expensive on-premise technologies to a secure, cloud-native data platform. By modernizing your data warehouse, you can enhance your analytics capabilities with machine learning and support decision-making with artificial intelligence. Our cloud-agnostic agile migration approach and best practice knowledge of both cloud and data helps you realize the true potential of data within your organization.

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Bring all of your data together in one place and make it available to users and applications, safely and securely.

Deliver rapid insights at scale without the complexities of traditional data warehouses or noSQL solutions.

Deploy innovative analytics applications that seamlessly adapt to your changing demands.

Eliminate data silos and streamline legacy data so you can manage and improve your modernized data and analytics platforms on an ongoing basis.

Our Approach

We identify strategic modernization opportunities and assess existing data warehouses and workloads to develop a roadmap.

We determine the best approach for your organization: migrate first, modernize later for an accelerated move to the cloud, or refactor and modernize for a long-term innovation strategy.

Functionality and performance tests are conducted to identify tools and user acceptance criteria, and stress tests are developed to determine a sizing guide and service cost forecast.

We develop a comprehensive framework to ensure continuous compliance for data management, identify and access management, data protection and privacy, network security and infrastructure security and integrity.

We provide a detailed inventory of workloads and databases and a report and executive summary of migration strategies, assessments, run cost estimates and results.

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Transform your legacy systems with data warehouse and data migration

With our data experts and data center migration plan, you can modernize your data and consolidate silos to discover new insights and encourage agile innovation.

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