The lead-up to cloud migration can be a cumbersome and costly process that involves repeated assessments and endless planning cycles – an undertaking that can span months or even years. For many organizations, it’s difficult to gain buy-in from stakeholders, plan for business and operational impacts and execute large migration programs at scale. In fact, many organizations fail to achieve their expected ROI from cloud migration.

SMART Migrationis a 10-week accelerated migration approach designed to reduce friction and complexity so you can move to the cloud with total confidence. Cloudreach uses historical data and Cloudamize, our automation software, to map all the dependencies within your environment and create migration waves to rapidly deliver high quality outcomes and drastically lower the cost and time-to-value of your cloud migration. SMART Migration™ is available for migration to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Smart migration


In just one day, we provide a tactical outline of possible cloud transformation paths and deliver a full migration assessment within four weeks.

Using data from hundreds of successful cloud engagements, we generate a plan specific to your business goals.

We establish a strong initial cloud footprint with high quality outcomes and ongoing optimization.

Our Approach

Leveraging Cloudamize, our high-precision analytics and powerful automation software, we perform a cloud TCO and migration assessment.

We deliver a Cloud Landing Zone blueprint and comprehensive migration plan.

We establish your Cloud Migration Factory using a tightly coupled and highly orchestrated set of migration tools.

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Accelerated cloud migration
Accelerated Cloud Migration

Migrate with total confidence

Make your cloud migration fast, easy and cost-effective with SMART Migration, our 10-week accelerated migration plan

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