Organizations are migrating to the cloud for good reason – new innovation capabilities, improved business agility and cost reduction – just to name a few. But if you don’t have a clear understanding of application dependencies, performance projections, cloud suitability and other factors, your cloud adoption initiative is sure to be complex, costly and time-consuming.

Cloudamize takes the guesswork out of cloud transformation and helps you get there with ease, speed and accuracy. Our cloud computing platform leverages high precision analytics and powerful automation to support you in making the right migration decisions across your application portfolio and establish the optimal cloud operating model for your organization – providing you with peace of mind, governance, automation, efficiency and control. Cloudamize operates cross-cloud and is partner-friendly, supporting multi-tiered approaches to migration.

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100% success rate for migrated applications and dependencies

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75% less time to plan and execute complex cloud migrations

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40% more IT savings compared to non-Cloudamize generated migration plans

Why Cloudamize:

Purpose-built for migration planning and analysis, Cloudamize enables you to create precise cloud TCO to assess your cloud strategy based on real-time application data – so you know what the cost and performance will be for each workload.

Gain deep insights into your full on-premise environment and application inventory so you know which applications to migrate and when.

Eliminate manual processes and reduce the time to plan and execute migration by automatically deploying templated solutions directly into your cloud environments.

Establish agile cloud governance with real-time views into application usage, spend, performance, compliance and security insights.

Immediately meet performance requirements at the lowest possible cost by migrating each workload to its right-sized compute, storage and network settings.

How it Works:

Compare precise TCO calculations to accurately forecast cloud costs and determine your best-fit cloud vendor and cloud configuration. Gain insights with custom reporting and automatically perform application discovery and dependency mapping.

Develop, manage and publish a set of Infrastructure-as-Code blueprints, run automated testing and automatically deploy them into your cloud accounts. Validate your custom blueprints and integrate your own suite of tests using Cloudamize’s automated testing and validation engine.

Map all of your applications and machines to visualize costs and usage by application and resource group, with the ability to right-size instances and validate application connectivity. Flexible reporting allows you to investigate your cloud environment, ensure optimization and gain insights into current and projected costs through automated monitoring.

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