You’ve got applications running in the cloud – but how do you know if you’re making the best use of cloud technologies to maximize performance, security and agility? 

Sunstone, Cloudreach’s in-cloud application modernization software platform, provides dynamic, real-time visibility into your cloud estate for intelligent modernization recommendations.

It helps you realize the full potential of the cloud in a fast and cost-effective way.

Automated resource discovery and application dependency mapping services map out your cloud footprint, while analytics engines continuously evaluate your infrastructure for modernization targets.

Sunstone is aligned with hyperscaler application maturity frameworks and leverages cutting-edge ML and AI technologies to reduce costs, improve performance, tighten security and drive innovation and value across your in-house applications and teams.

sunstone application modernization software platform

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71% less time required for estate discovery, leading to less demand on in-house resources & faster time to future state planning

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16% average license reduction saving

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42% increase in development team productivity following implementation of IaaS-PaaS modernization recommendations

Why Sunstone:

An agentless design and lightweight onboarding process mean application modernization recommendations can be ready to implement within a week

Sunstone ranks modernization targets against a Cloud Impact Score, so you know where to find the high-impact, low-effort candidates in your estate

Automated analytics engines continuously assess your estate for new modernization opportunities, so you can stay on top of your environment and keep technical debt under control

How It Works:

Sunstone leverages existing CSP data to capture a true picture of application utilization without needing to wait for an application profile to develop over time

A multi-layer profile of entity relationships feeds the analytic engines so recommendations are made with the whole stack in mind

The Analytics Library assesses your estate for opportunities to move your workloads to cloud native PaaS technologies, optimize software licensing and rightsize existing infrastructure. Containerization and serverless coming soon!

Logic underpinning the analytics engines is aligned with hyperscaler key standards, so the core tenets of good software design can be followed: Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, Cost Optimization and Sustainability

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Intelligent modernization using AI and machine learning

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