When it comes to thought leadership, AWS re:Invent never disappoints. 

Before AWS re:Invent 2021 got rolling, we made a few predictions about some of the key topics that would be, well, topics of conversation. And guess what – our  predictions came true! Read on to learn about three trends that really stood out.

IT Sustainability

Along with a new Cloud Adoption Framework version, AWS Well-Architected Framework is adding a sustainability pillar to lead adoption of sustainability concepts, which should lead to more consumption of AWS native services. This pillar helps organizations “learn, measure and improve their workloads using environmental best practices for cloud computing.” The pillars of the framework now include:: 

  • Operational excellence
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Performance efficiency
  • Cost optimization
  • Sustainability

The practices outlined in this Sustainability Pillar white paper help organizations design and build cloud architectures that maximize efficiency and reduce waste.

Democratization of ML and Data Insights

Until now, the ability to build ML models to help predict business outcomes was limited to those with coding and ML expertise. The introduction of Amazon SageMaker Canvas means that users no longer have to depend on data scientists and data engineers. Its intuitive interface lets business analysts “browse and access disparate data sources in the cloud or on-premises,  combine datasets with the click of a button, train accurate models and generate new predictions once new data is available.” Ultimately, this will enable broader adoption of data-led decisions across the enterprise.

Edge Compute and Digital Native Enterprise Use Cases

Growing numbers of users, devices and workloads. Increased video content, higher capacity needs, low-latency demands. These all contribute to the strain being experienced by enterprise networks. Building out a private mobile network to deliver more coverage, capacity and security isn’t always the answer, as that requires significant investments of both time and money. A newly announced managed service, AWS Private 5G, simplifies the procurement, deployment and installation process by allowing organizations to rapidly deploy and scale and take advantage of on-demand pricing. This infographic, AWS Private 5G – Benefits of Cellular with the Convenience of Wi-Fi, sums it up nicely and includes examples for several industries. Watch for more use cases for edge computing and the digital native enterprise. 

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