Until a few years ago AWS re:Invent was loaded with announcements and Service launches. Andy Jassy would spend half his Keynote weaving the yarn of customer highlights and new services developed to make our lives easier and our businesses better. Eventually even Dr. Vogels would need to make significant service launch announcements. A couple of years ago, AWS changed the format to announcing the majority of the new services and service enhancements in the two weeks leading up to re:Invent and during the week-long event through the AWS blog.  Jeff Barr and team taking over the official announcing duties meant that Jassy and Dr. Vogels could focus their keynotes on thought leadership for the industry and how the AWS culture and transformational platform has impacted industries and our lives. With that in mind, here are some topics we think you’ll hear from Adam Selipsky, new AWS CEO and Dr. Vogels this year. 


As AWS focuses on the next generation of entrepreneurs and the future of technology, they have placed a priority on making a “positive human impact” in the solutions they build. Check out: “Using the cloud to solve the world’s hardest problems.”

In this 10th anniversary of re:Invent we expect to hear AWS leadership leaning in on Sustainability measures both in their own operations and in the way customers leverage their services.  We at Cloudreach share this focus in our internal initiatives as well as solutions we are bringing to market to help our customers with their own initiatives from carbon reduction business cases to more efficient smart building solutions.   

Security in Distributed Work Environments

Impact evidence of pandemic is all around us, we need only look as far as the closest mirror at the re:Invent event to see our masks to know that things are different now and some things will be altered forever. Most predict that our work environment is one of those aspects of life that has been altered for the foreseeable future. The sudden push into digital work and the strain that has put on the legacy systems our businesses relied on to provide a productive environment for work has been challenging. One of the main pain points is how do you secure your business assets in this new environment of distributed work?

AWS have already released many services supporting distributed workforces like Amazon Workspaces for Desktop as a Service and Amazon Connect for distributed, intelligent contact center solutions. At re:Invent 2021 we expect to see more in this space in the form of services that provide a more remote enabling experience while also control risk of data access.

Edge Computing

Cloudreach is focused on the Energy Sector, especially sustainability and solutions that make the existing sector more efficient in their processing. We’ve helped our energy customers deploy solutions on AWS using the native IoT services that bring intelligence to edge devices. 

2020 was a big year for the advancement of 5G as all of the major CSPs announced partnerships with 5G carriers. AWS was no exception as they released AWS Wavelength a service to bring compute to the edge through 5G technology. As AWS leads more sustainability related initiatives we will see more solutions like those outlined here, “How AWS and 5G enable tomorrow’s digital electric grid,” bringing edge solutions directly to distributed energy resources.

AI Augmented Migration & Modernization 

In 2021 Cloudreach invested in automating migration end to end. Powered by ML backed assessment tooling in our own Cloudamize and utilization of AWS Migration Hub.  We’ve matured our approach to allow customers to get going quickly with offerings like our Zero to Cloud in 50 all backed by our ML based approach to planning and automation of the process. Come see us at Booth #369 to see what we’ve been cooking.

At re:Invent 2021 we expect to see more leadership of the use of AI/ML in all forms of AWS Cloud Operational efficiencies. From Security and Migrations to DevOps and Data we can expect additional services and features that lower the bar to allow every customer to more effectively and efficiently migrate, manage and modernize their workloads utilizing built in AI/ML services.

Digital Intelligence

A year after the IEEE SA published the standard for DQ, we now have frameworks for addressing DQ in our organizations and in our everyday lives. The Covid 19 pandemic certainly pushed everyone standing on the cliff of digital adoption and forced us to collectively take the leap, it no longer has to be a leap of faith. 

At re:invent 2021 we can expect to see new services and new features added to existing services to lower the bar of entry to digital, AI, ML and tools for our collective forward motion into the digital reality that new work, school and play norms will challenge us in 2022 and beyond.